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Where are we?

We are located at 400 W. Gainsborough Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA. Please see below for a map to the Garden parking lot (in front of the Kids' Adventure Garden) and Directions!

MAP of the garden

CLICK HERE for a PDF Map of the Garden

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 9.53.46 AM.png


Kids' Adventure Garden

Sundays 11AM - 3PM


Main Garden

Sunrise to Sunset

Close on July 4th and when trail conditions are wet

Plant Sale

Kids' Adventure Garden Sundays 11AM - 3PM


Wednesday 9:30 AM - Noon


Services and Resources

Community Involvement

The Garden has been coordinating programs that help join the community and schools in educating everyone to understand and appreciate the Earth. The Garden can provide a place for clubs, Scout groups, and schools to discuss issues and get their hands dirty in real planting and restoration work. 

Click here to sign-up to be a volunteer! Email for more information about current projects.


CVBG is on the list of AHS reciprocating gardens. A CVBG Membership Card will allow you to participate in the AHS Admissions Program that offers free admission and/or additional benefits at over 320 gardens throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Making private landscapes friendly to wildlife helps restore/maintain the natural ecological balance that can be disrupted by urban development. The Garden can lead the way helping homeowners learn how to be good neighbors to the flora and fauna around them.

Services and Resources
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