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Activities for 1 November 2022

The next time you visit the garden from the front entrance you’ll notice a new amenity completed on the 2nd: hand rails adjacent to the 3 sets of steps that are part of the trail that goes directly up hill and eventually joins the trail that parallels the outer fence near Lillian’s Meadow. Though there are trails without steps that go to all parts of the garden, now there are no areas that are not accessible to just about anyone at any level of fitness.

Bob Butler joined Monica Barton, Janet Wall, Nancy Taylor Walker, John Allday and me Tuesday. Because someone, at Sunday’s volunteer party, had mentioned the pepper and ash sprouts that have sprung up since the last major cleanup of these invasives a few years ago, we decided to take a break from the cultivated sections of the garden and make a dent on these sprouts. We first tackled the pepper sprouts on the stream bank below the slate patio half way between the back of the KAG garden and the chained breakaway bridge.

Nancy captured me, Janet, Monica and John cutting away.

She also caught me and John “supervising" Bob and Monica — who is standing perilously close to an enormous stand of healthy poison oak which is abundant along the stream banks. Between the 2 bridges we simply tossed the cuttings up the banks hopefully high enough that they won’t be caught in rising waters and clog downstream areas.

In the flagstone patio area we did collect the cut stems, and Bob carted them away using his nifty recently assembled battery-assisted cart. Below, Monica, John and Nancy are preparing the waste cans for Bob’s next trip.

Stay well and enjoy the garden! KMM


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