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Activities for 11 July 2023

This will be a brief update, not because of what was or wasn’t accomplished, but because we all had our noses to the grindstone and didn’t take additional time to “smell the roses!”

Bill Dobner was surprised to find many of us on site when he arrived as we had transitioned to summer hours today starting at 8am. He then busied himself tending the compost.

Jim Cyr had emailed me last night that he’d like us to work on eradicating (as if that were possible!) the oregano that has nearly taken over the Herb Garden. Nancy Taylor Walker, Beverly Kemmerling, Monica Barton and I applied ourselves to that task. Janet Wall stopped by briefly on her way to another appointment to see what we would be working on. Nancy got a good shot of me in a sea of oregano below:

She also captured Beverly working in the shade of a tree under which was a solid mass of oregano:

That tree provided a modicum of shade for Nancy, Beverly and me. Alas, Monica worked in the full sun.

Finally, Monica recorded Nancy and me with the green waste produced.

This is a good example of the unintended consequence of selecting plants that freely reproduce by rhizome and seed — the creation of a job down the road to corral the plants so they don’t take over an entire area (assuming you don’t want them to)! As Jim C said at the end of our time this morning, there will be plenty of oregano to occupy several more sessions — especially since any piece of remaining rhizome or significant root will eventually resprout.

Enjoy the garden! KMM


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