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Activities for 15 November 2022

Today, Tuesday crew members John Allday, Beverly Kemmerling, Monica Barton and I focused on the Desert Garden and specifically 1) removing as many horehound plants as we could find and 2) cleaning up after the wind damage of last week. The latter was considerable. Below, captured by Monica, are a large chunk of lemonade berry and a limb of eucalyptus that came down. I’m in the first two for scale, and John is in the third.

Below, Monica caught Beverly K adding to an already full cart full of wind-downed limbs.

Bill Dobner was also on site taking care of the compost and doing some storm damage cleanup.

Earlier, Ed Merlo continued cutting back last year's matilija poppy stalks. Jim C and Jim Weismann trimmed in the Butterfly Garden. Jim C also fixed an irrigation line leak near the donor kiosk. He also refreshed the diversion ditches across strategic locations on paths and service road to reduce erosion.

Below is a picture of the one acorn (or acorn cap, to be accurate) we have been flowing on the island oak (Quercus tomentella); it is the only one we could see. Now that it is gone, I hope Janet Wall collected it to propagate. If not, the squirrels got it.

Enjoy the garden, and secure your out door furniture as Wednesday is supposed to be VERY windy. KMM

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