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Activities for 18 April 2023

Today was an all-hands-on-deck day. It was also a divide and conquer day. Bill Dobner was on site working with the compost and potting soil. Steve Davis had 2 island mallows and one aster for the native section and 2 asters for Lillian’s Meadow to plant. John Allday and Beverly Kemmerling did the planting, watering and caging.

Monica Barton, Nancy Taylor Walker and Janet Wall proceeded up to the South African Section and continued to weed mainly the ubiquitous euphorbia. Below, Monica, Janet and Nancy are at this task.

Toward the end of the morning, I finished another task and Nancy documented me helping here, below. Janet is toiling in the background.

My major task this morning was to cut or pull by hand the mustard growing amongst the sea of matilija poppies adjacent to the service area.

Bob Butler cut mustard on the outside of the chainlink fence there as well as in relatively open areas around the poppies. We want that area to look its best for the upcoming Matilija Poppy Festival on May 21st.

For the past few weeks, I’ve not spent much time recording some of the outstanding plants currently blooming in the garden, so I’ll catch up here. Now that the garden is formally open to the public, it is an ideal time to catch some of these plants at their peak.

First is the flannel tree. This particular specimen of which is blooming in the native section. Thanks to Janet for the close up.

Fremontodendron 'Ken Taylor’

A calla lily growing in the S. African Section:

A mass of Calandrinia spectabilis in the Chilean section and close up.

Just 2 more. Both interesting varieties of daffodil in the KAG.

Now that the garden is open to the public, I can again invite you to enjoy the garden…KMM

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