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Activities for 18 July 2023

Working mostly in the shade made our efforts at the garden fairly comfortable this morning. Nancy Taylor Walker, John Allday, Daryl Stutley, Monica Barton and I continued removing rampant oregano from the Herb Garden. Nancy captured Monica, Daryl, me and John working in the upper area, below.

Later, I caught John and Nancy working on the pathway the defines the downhill edge of the Herb Garden below.

Below, Nancy recorded a joint effort where I was loosening the roots and Daryl was pulling the loosened plants from the ground. That was the last bit in that particular area which had been covered in oregano and is now a blank, if mulched, slate.

Bill Dobner was on site tending the compost operation.

Finally, I did take time to smell the roses this morning, and Steve Davis who had ridden his bike to the garden, pointed out the remarkable tree below:

It is a Lagunaria patersonia ( or primrose tree, or aka Cow Itching Tree, a native of Australia. You can find it at the SW corner of the first 4-corners on the service road. It has an interesting trunk ( that resembles those of trees that swallow up ancient temples in SE Asia.

Enjoy the garden! KMM

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