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Activities for 2 July 2024

Is it me or is time flying? Already beginning the second half of the year! One thing is certain: the act of weeding is very different than it was just a couple of months ago when pulling out weeds from damp ground was relatively easy. Today the Tuesday Crew comprising, Monica Barton, Bill Dobner, Steve Davis, Joyce Marler, Irene Rowland, Nancy Taylor Walker, Janet Wall and I worked at various tasks. Monica distributed garden brochures, Bill worked the compost, and Steve examined Lillian’s Meadow to look for evidence of plant consumption by critters (evidence was equivocal, so we decided to watch and wait). The rest of us went up to the Desert Garden which hadn’t been tended to for a month and did some dead heading and mustard removal. Jim Cyr was on hand to help with transporting weed-filled 15-gallon pots down the hill to the green waste bin.

Below, Nancy captured most of the crew at the end of the morning coming down the hill. Below are Monica, Irene, Janet, me and Joyce.

Things change fast this time of year — especially in unirrigated areas. Sadly in the month that we didn’t go up to the top of the hill, the voodoo lily bloomed and went by leaving only dry husks of vegetative growth and old blossoms behind. However Janet spotted the golden torch cactus (Echinopsis spachiana) with a couple of blooms still open:

And Steve found the fruiting Dianella tasmanica:

They’re not easy to see in this photo, but the berries are the most amazing brilliant blue; much more interesting than the flowers.

Enjoy the garden! KMM

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