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Activities for 2 May 2023

Today we focused on the Desert Garden. Though it’s probably bad luck to talk about something that hasn’t happened yet, I’ll risk it by saying that we wanted that garden to look as tended as possible as a team from the Conejo Cactus & Succulent Society will be visiting next Tuesday to explore ways they can assist.

John Allday, Monica Barton, Beverly Kemmerling, Nancy Taylor Walker, Jim Cyr and I dug out mustard. Bob Butler had previously weed wacked the tops, and we tackled digging out the roots and removing the young ones. There was also the odd euphorbia and thistle to be pulled as well. Bill Dobner was keeping up with the compost and nursery soil, and Steve Davis stopped in during his morning constitutional to check up on us.

Without being specific as to attribution, here are some images from me, Nancy, Beverly, Monica and John.




John and me.

Nancy, Monica and Beverly, with their Hori Hori gardening knives in hand, channeling their inner 3 Musketeers!

…including Jim as we were wrapping up for the morning.

Finally, I find the honey bush (Melianthus major) one of the most interesting plants in the garden. It comes from South Africa and there is a young specimen in the S.African Garden and a large patch on the south side of the top of the hill. Below are shots of the patch, and a closeup of one of the flower stalks:

These plants have never looked happier in my years at the garden. They must really have benefitted from the rain this winter.

Enjoy the garden…KMM

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