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Activities for 21 May 2024

Updated: Jun 18

Alas, dear reader, after today (unless someone takes up the baton) the reports of the exploits of the Tuesday Crew will be on hiatus for about 3 weeks while I’m on the east coast.

Today was a nice change from the recent routine of weeding, weeding, weeding. Below are: Monica Barton, Daryl Stutley, Nancy Taylor Walker, Beverly Kemmerling and new volunteer Irene Rowland. I’m behind the camera, and Steve Davis is off placing flags.

It's unusual to be planting this late in the season, but we wanted to get a bunch of bulbs in the ground that are just beginning to sprout. Below, Daryl, Nancy and Irene are sorting and counting bulbs of blood lily (Scadoxus multiflorus) which we proceeded to plant in the S. African section where they are native and Lillian’s Meadow where we have a number of other bulbs from various regions in locations indicated by Steve with white flags.

Below, are yours truly, Daryl, Monica and Nancy planting in Lillian’s Meadow. Each bulb was watered in.

Once we finished with the planting, we did revert to weeding in the vicinity of the newly marked trail through the Trail of Trees. Below, Beverly and Daryl taking on mustard and thistle.

Given the season and proximity of last weekend’s Matilija Poppy Festival, we took a (now annual) group shot with a backdrop of poppies: Monica, me, Irene, Daryl, Nancy and Beverly.

There are so many plants in bloom in the garden at the moment. A couple of the more unusual (if not dramatic) ones (for this garden) include:

The white variety of Jupiter’s beard (Centhranthus ruber Albus) to the left of the more usual reddish variety along the steps between the upper and lower Mediterranean garden.

The CA false indigo (Amorpha californica) in the Butterfly Garden. According to Jim Cyr it is the first time he’s seen this California native bloom here.

Finally I can never resist the Tranquility Garden. The artistry of visitors unknown is always surprising. Check out the art of Andrew Goldsworthy which this reminds me of. Below Beverly captured me capturing the cairn in the middle of the garden:

Many thanks to Steve, Nancy, Beverly, Daryl and Monica for their photographic contributions.

A link here showing what we did a year ago.

Enjoy the garden! KMM

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