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Activities for 21 November 2023

Late fall is planting time at CVBG, and Steve Davis marshaled (no pun intended) his Tuesday Crew troops to plant 32 new plants across 2 areas: Lillian’s Meadow and the Garden Entrance (aka “old entrance” from the park) area of the Native Section. The crew comprised John Allday, Monica Barton, Beverly Kemmerling, Nancy Taylor Walker and myself — in addition to 2 new volunteers: Ann Sturman and Joe Coco. Welcome to Ann and Joe! Joe’s wife Melissa also participated in the work Tuesday. I’m hoping that the experience was a positive one for all three.

Below is a list of plants we installed Tuesday — mostly grasses and grass-like plants — which can be checked out online ( and are 2 good resources) to get a better feel for the types of materials we’re adding to the CVBG collections.

Aristida purpurea

purple 3 awn


Calamagrostis foliosa

leafy reed grass


Carex testacea

orange N. Zealand sedge


Clematis ligusticifolia

virgin’s bower


Festuca idahoensis ‘Tomales Bay’



Lomandra ’Breeze’

mat rush


Melica californica

melic grass


Galvesia junco

baja bush snapdragon


Galvesia speciosa ‘Boca Rosa’

island bush snapdragon


Total = 32

Nancy was the day’s photographer. Below in Lillian’s Meadow are Ann and me:

…and Monica, Melissa and Joe:

Below, in the Native Section, Steve and John are placing plant labels:

…and Monica, John, Beverly, Melissa and Joe are planting:

Jim Cyr followed up and put fresh mulch around the newly installed plants.

While the planting was going on, contractor Kevin Woods was in the KAG refurbishing the perimeter wooden fence.

This new fence corrects some structural issues with the old fence and provides a clean new backdrop for the KAG. This was supported by a matching funds grant from CRPD for 2023-24.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the garden! KMM

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