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Activities for 24 January 2023

I’m reporting 2nd hand as I had a conflict and couldn’t make it to the garden Tuesday. However, the Tuesday volunteer group was well represented by John Allday, Nancy Taylor Walker, Monica Bartel, Janet Wall and Beverly Kemmerling.

Jim Cyr was also on site and, based on the condition of the paths, opened the garden to the public.

The Tuesday crew surveyed the garden looking for storm damage to clean up. Below Jim C is surrounded by matilija poppies coming up in the gravel path between the service area and Lillian’s Meadow. Janet is in the background. Nancy’s shadow is in the foreground.

Below is Nancy peeking over a Euryops pectinatus at the base of the South African section.

Below are Janet, John and Nancy under the overhanging branch of a California black walnut tree.

And finally, Janet, Beverly K, and Nancy with a red hot poker.

Thanks to Beverly K, Monica and Nancy for sending me a brief update and documentary images! They reported that the garden was in good shape. Thanks also to Jim C for his diligence in creating water diversion ditches from the service road and pathways that minimized erosion damage from the recent storms.

Brief update from Carl Zhu: In 2018 he discovered 3 seedling CA sycamores next to the stream.

Rather than risk killing them by transplanting them, we left them alone. Since then, all 3 are still alive and the largest one is 10+ feet tall. His student group is currently keeping the area clear of invasive pepper and ash trees.

Enjoy the garden and stay well…KMM

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