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Activities for 25 April 2023

Tuesday saw the continuation of weeding in the S. African Garden. Below, Nancy Taylor Walker captured Beverly Kemmerling, me and Janet Wall clearing more of the euphorbia annual from around a tree at the top of that garden.

She also took a great shot of Janet weeding in a sea of euphorbia around the coral tree at the bottom of the “new section” of the S. African Garden.

Monica Barton, Jim Cyr and Steve Davis also helped with the weeding.

As I believe I’ve said in previous updates, in many areas these annual weeds will be left to wither, turn brown and blow away, but in others, they significantly mar the view and will be removed. Unfortunately, they stay green longer in the irrigated areas of the garden.

Bill Dobner was on site working with the compost and potting soil in the shade house. That was timely as Janet dug up 2 Ribes aureum (golden currant) seedlings and potted them up and placed them in the shade house next to a couple of larger specimens.

Of note:

Matilija poppy buds are just beginning to pop. These are on the service road just up hill from the first 4 corners.

The Tranquility Garden has been anything but tranquil from a plant health point of view. Too little soil over the bedrock in that area is one possible reason for this. The silver lining, though, is that some creative person or persons have created a landscape of cairns that are themselves conducive to a tranquil experience.

Finally Monica took such a great shot below, that I had to include it even though I’ve highlighted the calandrinia mass bloom before. This is in the Chilean section. You could say it DOMINATES that section! (Iris is in the foreground, and an escallonia hedge is between it and the calandrinia.)

Enjoy the garden..KMM

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