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Activities for 28 November 2023

Tuesday was another in a series of out-of-the-ordinary work days. In addition to planting 12 new plants including additions to the Trail of Trees, Australian, South African and Native gardens, we gave the Master Gardener class of 2024 a tour of the garden. Janet Wall and I took the group of some 30+ trainees through the entire garden starting with the KAG and ending with the new Salvia Garden that was the CVBG hands-on project for the MG class of 2021. It was great to have Janet’s perspective as her hands-on project was the original Salvia Garden in 2009! The hope is that, even though we don’t have a hands-on project this year, some of this class will be motivated to become CVBG volunteers after receiving their certification in the spring.

While Janet and I were guiding the tour, John Allday, Joe and Melissa Coco, Beverly Kemmerling, Ann Sturman, Daryl Stutley, and Nancy Taylor Walker installed the following list of new plants according to locations designated by Steve Davis:

Acacia baileyana ‘purpurea’



Acacia podalyrifolia ‘Queensland’

silver wattle


Acacia spectabilis

mudgee wattle


Artemisia pycnocephala ‘David’s Choice’

Sandhill sage selection


Chondropetalum elephantium

large cape rush


Coreopsis gigantea

giant coreopsis


Lotus scoparius (Acmispon glaber)

deer weed


Salvia ‘Bee’s Bliss’

creeping sage hybrid


Total = 12

Below are Ann, Daryl, Beverly and Nancy in the Australian section:

Nancy took the following photos: Below: Daryl and Ann in the Trail of Trees:

…Ann and Beverly in the Australian section:

…and finally Melissa and Joe in the S. African section.

All new plantings were watered in either by hose or bucket brigade, and all were caged.

Finally, I want to point out an interesting Australian shrub or small tree. You’ll know it by its odd configuration; it is bent at a 45 degree angle (supported by a stake) on the uphill side of the path on the way up from the first 4 corners. It is Hakea laurina (or pincushion hakea) and has amazing blooms as do many Australian natives.

Enjoy the garden! KMM


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