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Activities for 30 January 2024

Today, the Tuesday Crew was significantly enhanced by the Traveling Gardeners. The Traveling Gardeners are a Master Gardener group that volunteered at a site that has been closed, so they volunteer at other Master Gardener sites while awaiting opening of the replacement site. In addition to our Tuesday regulars: Monica Barton, Beverly Kemmerling, Daryl Stutley, Nancy Taylor Walker, Janet Wall and me, Beryl Alfino, Susan Carter, Daveta Cooper, Robin Corey, Margie Hewson, Sharon Mittelholtz and Susan Wagner more than doubled our number. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished with a large number of volunteers!

There were 2 tasks at hand: weeding at the top of the hill and spreading mulch that had been dumped along the northern edge of the Desert Garden.  The main focus of the weeding was to remove as much horehound as possible from the area to be mulched and the large open area.  We also collected mustard that was blooming and thistle.  Below, Janet surrounded by the Traveling Gardeners getting ready to start weeding.

Below Monica and a Traveling Gardener are holding their entries in the contest for biggest horehound.  Clearly it was Traveling Gardeners “1" and Tuesday Crew “0!”

Below, Janet focused on the large open area and joyfully displays her secret weapon (root slayer shovel) in one hand and a tiny horehound (I think) in the other.

The second task was to move as much of one of the mulch piles as possible.  The objective is (as this will be an ongoing job) to cover the ground with at least 6” of mulch from the edge the north road to as far over the hill as possible where the mustard is flourishing with the hope that it will smother the germinating mustard plants.  Below, Daryl and I tackling one side of the pile.

Below, Beverly on the pile’s back side.

And where we left it for the day.  Mostly spread.  This and 2-3 more piles to go!

Finally we had to stop on the way up the hill to admire the 4-corners that mark the down-hill end of the South African section.  Looking downhill on the left are yellow bulbine and African flags (Chasmanthe floribunda).

Many thanks to the Traveling Gardeners for their valuable help today, and to Daryl, Beverly and Nancy for the images in this report.

Enjoy the garden!   KMM

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