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Activities for 4 April 2023

This was a busy day at the garden, so busy in fact that there are few pictures to document it. The group immediately broke into subgroups and tackled the following:

Nancy Taylor Walker and Monica Barton started working on removing Encelia californica from the Trail of Trees. Because that plant is so successful on Sage Hill, it had spread well into the Trail of Trees. A couple of years ago Jim Cyr, Ed Merlo and Jim Weismann pulled out the mature plants. Now it is a matter of keeping up with the seedlings. I joined that group after completing the following activity.

  • Bob Butler and I walked the main garden with Antanasio Salinas of Salinas Tree Service showing him all the areas that need attention — mostly collapsed lemonade berry and laurel sumac.

  • Bill Dobner worked on the compost and did some cleanup.

  • John Allday and Beverly Kemmerling accompanied Steve Davis to the Native Section where they removed 2 non-native sages that had inadvertently been planted there and relocated them to the new Salvia Garden. Jim Cyr was on hand to provide an initial watering. Steve and John also surveyed the Native Section for plants requiring labels and additional work (clearing out cages of accumulated leaves, e.g.).

The following were taken by Nancy with the exception of my picture of her:



and Marshall

The green that surrounds me is the annual weed Euphorbia peplus that is flourishing with the winter rains. Because it is so widespread in the garden and low growing, we’ll probably ignore it for the most part. (Not sure that we have a choice!)

We are currently in discussions with CRPD as to the condition of the Nature and Little Loop trails. Though it may not be feasible to formally open them right now, it should be possible to open the main garden and KAG soon as those trails have dried out.

When we get the all clear, please enjoy the garden…KMM

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