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Activities for 6 December 2022

Tuesday, Bill Dobner, Steve Davis, Nancy Taylor Walker, Monica Barton, Janet Wall and Beverly Kemmerling worked at the garden. Bill tended the compost and did a cleanup run from top of the hill down. Steve, Monica and I talked planting plans for this fall, and Nancy, Janet and Beverly K did general cleanup of dead branches, and dead headed some Mexican sage (Beverly K and Janet).

Nancy also recorded Janet and Beverly K in front of the strawberry tree at the top of the service road which was covered with yellow, orange and red “strawberries” at different stages of ripeness.

The new salvia garden continues to impress. Below Beverly took a picture of the rose leaf sage with Nancy included for perspective.

Below Beverly K shot pictures of blooming old man of the andes cactus

and a bloom of the sugar bush.

Jean Reiley sent me a message to forward on to the volunteers with a picture of one of the Christmas decorations they hung to mark the upcoming holidays: "We are wishing all of you a happy holiday. Jean Reiley”

Enjoy the garden and stay well…KMM

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