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Activities for 7 and 14 February 2023

This has been a busy 2 weeks as this is planting season. We were so busy, few opportunities to take pictures presented themselves. Both weeks, Nancy Taylor Walker, John Allday, Monica Barton, Steve Davis and I were on site along with Bill Dobner. Beverly Kemmerling accompanied us on the 7th. Week 1 we planted 13 plants that had been propagated/raised in the nursery:

  • 6 African daisies in Lillian’s Meadow

  • 4 Sesleria grasses in Lillian’s Meadow

  • 2 Canary Island sages in the Sage Garden

  • 1 Crasula falcata in the S. African section

Steve had placed flags to indicate placement. All plants were caged and watered in well after planting. Nancy took a moment to capture Beverly K, John, me and Monica planting away in Lillian’s Meadow.

On the 14th we were even more ambitious. Steve marked locations with flags, and we planted 24 plants. These came from a delivery of ~60 plants from El Nativo nursery on Friday the 10th Not all will be planted immediately. Some will remain in the shade house to mature.

The list of plants planted, caged and watered in were:

  • 6 Arctotis ‘Cherry Frost’ (African daisies) in Lillian’s Meadow

  • 6 Calamagrostis nutkanensis (Pacific reed grass) (3 in Lillian’s Meadow and 3 in the native section)

  • 4 Lomandra ‘Breeze’ (mat rush) in Lillian’s Meadow

  • 2 Phormium ‘Tom Thumb’ (flax) in the Australian section

  • 2 Salvia ‘Bee’s Bliss’ in the native section

  • 1 Malacothamnus clementinus (San Clemente bush mallow) in the native section

  • 3 Eleocharis microstachya (spike rush) (2 in Lillian’s Meadow and 1 in the native section)

There will be a surprise quiz on these in the near future! Seriously, keep an eye out for the new blooms and grass forms in these gardens.

In other news, the KAG was open for the first time in over a month this past Sunday and Jean Reiley sent me an update with some pictures to share. I’ve edited her words somewhat;

“Sunday was a busy day at the KAG. Olivia Horstman and Jean Really worked the morning shift and Carmen Oblinger and Nellie Cusworth the second shift. New to the volunteers was using Venmo and PayPal for plant purchases. It worked out well as the customers were familiar with this type of paying." Below are Carmen, Jean and Olivia (Nellie was busy selling plants):

And Olivia at her post greeting the visitors.

Note the daffodils above and the bird of paradise below — just a couple of the many winter/early spring plants currently in bloom at the garden.

I just noticed the orange insect below the blossom. Can anyone ID it?

Enjoy the garden, and stay well! KMM

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