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KAG, Pond and the Creek

KAG has been flourishing under the care of Daphne, Coleen, Tanya, Pole, and the Saturday crew. Tanya has recently joined the team as the new aviary curator.

On Friday, Pole planted 13 new plants from the nursery:

8 blue star asters

3 coral bells and one cow's tongue (you have to use a bit imagination to see the cow's tongue here)

Two bee's bliss by the aviary.

The Pond Habitat is now no longer reliant on municipal water to fill. It is fed entirely by the creek, which makes it an important extension of the creek ecosystem. The pond water can also be used for hand watering as needed, as it is more environmentally friendly and convenient.

The creek restoration project is making progress. Two canyon sunflowers from Theodore Payne have been planted on the hill by the KAG bridge.

The nursery has propagated mugwort cuttings from the more matured restoration site. Mugwort grows well in the shade by the big bridge. This spot is also shady but more moist, so it will be interesting to see how their rhizome develops under this condition.

Two common lady ferns and one maidenhair fern from Theodore Payne have also been planted.

Interesting tale. This sycamore from El Nativo took over eight hours to plant because the ground beneath it is all rocky. It had been dug out by an early-year torrent and needed to be replanted. We had little hope of its survival, but look at it now!

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