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Activities for 29 November 2022

Today Janet Wall, John Allday, Beverly Kemmerling, Nancy Taylor Walker and I pretty much stayed together doing some routine tasks. Nancy did peel off briefly to sweep off the pavers at the formal garden entrance.

While Bill Dobner, also on site, busied himself with the compost, the rest of us supported Jim Cyr’s mulch spreading efforts by filling all available 15-gallon pots with mulch. Our mulch pile is more of a pancake at the moment but we managed to rake up enough to fill all available buckets. Official photographer Nancy captured John and Janet, me, and Beverly K at work.

We then started up the hill dead-wooding rosemary and picking up limbs. This week, a lot of eucalyptus branches were on the ground, some of which I can be seen dragging down the hill.

On the way up, Beverly spotted a plant growing in the path. Janet ID’d it as a chaparral bush mallow (Malacothamnus fasciculatus), so rather than simply getting rid of it (a weed being any plant growing where it isn’t wanted), Janet carefully dug it up and potted it, labeled and watered it, and left it in a flat across from the potting tables. We can either use it in the garden or sell it.

Finally, a special red hot poker cultivar, (Kniphofia ‘Christmas Cheer”) has sent up a flush of bloom stalks in the S. African Garden.

As always, enjoy the garden and stay well…KMM


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