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Rare Fruit Orchard and KAG May 4th, 2024

Updated: May 5

Pleasant weather with mild temperatures and overcast skies provided ideal conditions for a leisurely morning at the Rare Fruit Orchard.

Jay and Hampton spread the mulch at the garden. Utilizing the car bed for transport proved much more efficient than using 15-gallon pots, especially when handling large mulch quantities.

Two full carloads of mulch were distributed amongst the ice-cream bean, kumquat, and Surinam cherry tree. Interestingly, the Surinam cherry alone required nearly an entire carload of mulch.

This vigorous tree produced numerous seedlings around its base. Jay carefully removed and potted these seedlings.

Once established, the seedlings will be shaped and potentially offered for sale within a year.

Daisy, Hampton, and Yvonne conducted a comprehensive inspection of the irrigation system throughout the fruit garden. This identified several fruit trees lacking water access. While some issues require certain degree of irrigation system upgrade, others were addressed. Such as the English walnut wasn't receiving water because the surrounding rosemary bushes were blocking the irrigation head, preventing it from spraying the tree effectively. Daisy and Yvonne were removing the rosemary to ensure proper water distribution.

As an unexpected bonus, the green waste bin now boasts an aroma worthy of a first-class steak house!

Meanwhile, over at KAG, Pole cleared away overgrown ground covers from the stone path near the sky flower. This newly revealed path provides an exciting new area for children to explore.

Additionally, Daphne and Colleen propagated three black sunflowers, which were subsequently planted nearby to keep the existing Canyon sunflower company.

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