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Witches are on the move

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

We reported there was a Jack-o-lantem (O. olearius) sighting in our 12/20/2022 Blog. Since then, we have been vigilantly on the lookout for more activities of witches. We’ve been researching witches… and it seems like witches do their chores at night, so they can align with the moon. On a walk through the garden in the morning, we found Witches’ Butter (E. glandulosa)! It seems like witches love to cook, and even care about fresh, homemade ingredients.

In our research on witches, we read that their usual method of transportation is on brooms. However this night, the witches seemed to have used elks to transport their butter, because we found an Elk's Saddle (H. dryophila) nearby.

We’ve also discovered the conspiracy between the witches and darker forces as evidenced by these two Satan's Boletes (B. satanas). Looks like we shouldn’t mess with the witches - we’ll let them continue to enjoy the Garden!

On the bright side, we met a happy New Bride Blushing (A. novinupta) enjoying a Milk Cap (L. alnicola)

The bride must have come from a wealthy family because we found abundant Turkey Tails (T. versicolor)

If you like to find out more about the fungi in our garden, here’s their kingdom:

"Leave the beaten path and dive into the woods. You are certain to find something interesting." ------ Alexander Graham Bell

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