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Activities for 13 Dec 2022

This will be a quick update as there were just 3 of us working this morning: Nancy Taylor Walker, John Allday and I. As usual at this time of year we spent our time walking pretty much over the entire garden collecting downed branches and dead heading spent bloom stalks. The one image that captures all 3 of us is below; we're dead heading a red hot poker at the top of the hill. I am only represented as a shadow:

Changes in the garden in the past couple of weeks also include a refreshing of the drainage ditches, cutting last year’s matilija poppy stalks at the top of the hill, and trimming the plants in the new salvia garden. I’m sure this was Jim Cyr with the help of Ed Merlo and Jim Weismann.

There were a number of plants worth commenting on this week, and I chose the following 2. The first caught my eye by accident. I was bending over to pick up a fallen branch when I saw what looked like the results of a child spreading a bag of paper confetti over the ground.

There are only ~7 in this image, but there were hundreds. Turns out they are the remnants of eucalyptus blossoms. The twig and leaves in the image was the first hint; an inspection of an intact branch with flowers clinched it.

The next is a chocolate pelargonium in the S. African section. I’m hoping the blooms are as interesting as the leaves now are.

Enjoy the garden and stay well…KMM

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