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Activities for 13 October 2023

This was a special day in that a new volunteer, Nel Nolan joined us. Nel has had experience in restoration projects including with Channel Islands Restoration and in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Other than almost losing one of her gloves (found at the last minute in the dumpster), we hope she had a good experience! She is pictured in two of the images below.

Seems like we’re quietly beginning the planting season by planting small groups of plants or bulbs each week between deadheading and weeding.

This week, under Steve Davis’s guidance, Beverly Kemmering, Nancy Taylor Walker and John Allday planted a couple of specimens of native bunch grasses, Stipa pulchra and S. cernua, and 1 maidenhair fern, Adiantum capilus-veneris, in the Native Section. See shot below from Nancy of Beverly and John..

and Beverly recorded Nancy below:

Daryl Stutley and I planted a Kalanchoebeharensis. in the Desert Garden. While I returned to the shade house for a water bucket, Daryl cut down most of the spent flower stalks of the Hesperoyuccawhipplei in the area. She regretted her short sleeves! Daryl recorded me providing water to the new addition.

The remainder of the group, Monica Barton and Nel chopped down more matilija poppy stalks obscuring other plants in the Native Section, and dug out sprouts in the path. Beverly and Nancy helped after planting. So frustrating. I can’t get these to take in my garden, and here, they’re virtually invasive! Beverly, Nancy and Nel at work below.

Monica positioning herself relative to the sun in preparation for her next shot with Nancy and Nel.

Enjoy the garden! KMM

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