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Activities for 25 July 2023

Today I thought given the hot weather we would do something different. Turning left at the 1st 4 corners, we decided to work our way up the hill and just see what needed doing. The first thing we came upon almost immediately was lavender growing in the path. This was dispatched quickly by Daryl Stutley, Nancy Taylor Walker, Janet Wall and me. Monica Barton then joined us as we moved up from there only to find another healthy stand of oregano just this side of the lion’s tail! So much for a change of pace; for the 3rd Tuesday in a row we spent the bulk of our time removing oregano. This time with very little shade. The photos below document our work. All are from Nancy except for mine of her:

Yours truly and Janet.

Daryl completing the area just next to the lowest level of lion’s tail.

Monica heading up to a (hopefully) shadier area. Janet in background

Nancy focused on a spot in the middle of the stand of lion’t tail.

Jim Cyr arrived and worked further up hill from us focusing on large clumps of blooming oregano figuring he’d get rid of a major source of seeds and rhizomes. By 10 o’clock the temperature had climbed to the mid 90’s, and we were spent. Bill Dobner left at about that time having worked with the compost and potting soil in the shade house.

At the end of our “shift,” Monica and I walked a wheelbarrow down to the KAG. It will be used to hold books for sale in the plant sales area on Sundays. These are books donated to the garden over time, some of which are duplicates or aren't directly related to gardening. Prices range from free (misc. pamphlets) to $2.00.

Finally I wanted to call attention to a plant in the nursery which happens to be setting seed at the moment.

Dianella tasmanica ( has blue-violet berries which are more interesting than the relatively insignificant blossoms. Happiest in shade with regular irrigation. OK in pots.

Enjoy the garden…KMM

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