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Activities for 9 January 2024

Due to the holidays and some rain, today was the first day back in a month for the Tuesday crew!  Monica Barton, Beverly Kemmerling, Daryl Stutley, Nancy Taylor Walker and Janet Wall joined me for today's tasks some of which were requested by Steve Davis.  Steve was on site meeting with contractor Chris Carson who was gathering information to support a price quote for a grant-related project to enhance the pathways through the Trail of Trees.  Several people provided images for this update, so I’ll dispense with the attributions.

Our first task was to remove the supporting stakes from around the Chilean mesquite and create a run-off drainage ditch from the well around the tree trunk to prevent water from pooling around the trunk from the adjacent irrigation bubblers or rain. Working there stimulated the follow-on activity to remove the calandrinia encroaching the pathways in that garden.  Daryl and Nancy took on that task and the images below show Daryl and Nancy toting trimmings,

Daryl, below,

and the “after” picture.

We also removed the supporting stakes from either side of the mimosa tree in the Trail of Trees.

The rest of the morning was spent slowly working our way up from the 1st 4-corners to the top of the hill.  We started with the small cotoneaster seedlings/root sprouts between the red-leafed sage and the mature cotoneaster.  We had tackled this area before, but there were at least a couple of dozen plants removed this time.  Below, I, Beverly and Nancy have just finished in that area and turned to the camera before heading on.

On the way to the top of the hill, we stopped at the Australian garden and trimmed the dead out of a shrub next to the trail.  Below are me, Janet, Monica and Daryl (holding some of the removed dead branches).

Finally, there are a lot of early spring plants beginning to bloom.  Below, the first few blooms have opened on the coral tree in the upper Trail of Trees;

and on the NW corner at the 1st 4-corners the sweet society garlic (Tulbaghia fragrans) is in full bloom below:

There are many more plants sending up bloom stalks.  Unfortunately they include the invasive mustards and thistles which we spent the remaining time removing from the top of the hill.

Enjoy the garden as soon as it reopens.  It will remain closed Wednesday while the tree service is in the garden.


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