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Activities fr 27 June 2023

Today we had almost all hands on deck. John Allday, Monica Barton, Beverly Kemmerling, Nancy Taylor Walker, Janet Wall and I joined Jim Cyr in the continuing battle against the lush weed crop resulting from our winter rains. Below is a photo taken by a friendly visitor to the garden in front of the aloe at the entrance of the Desert Garden:

Nancy, John, Beverly, me, Janet and Monica.

Jim arrived shortly after this picture was taken, and we all went down to the lower Trail of Trees to continue the task from last week focusing on the removal of dove weed before it goes to seed. Jim and Jim Weismann had previously worked the upper Trail of Trees, so we worked between the lowest “major road” and the culvert separating the CVBG from the condo neighborhood below. Nancy recorded John working within view of that complex,

and John, Janet and me in a view that emphasizes the vista of the Trail of Trees

A couple of plants of interest this week: Oenothera speciosa,

and Verbena officials,

both of which are present in large “drifts” in the Butterfly Garden. Nice that we have the room to let some plants naturalize in swaths.

Enjoy the garden! KMM


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